Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Parenting Style

I attended the treatment plan meeting for Michael last night and was impressed with the therapist. He was late and over booked but smart, educated on MY child's illness and symptoms, funny, engaging, and every thing he needs. It's too bad he is just the one in charge of the family sessions. Next week we begin with all the family.

Our check showed up. Our old county decided to transfer it out of their county to the county we reside in. They just cut checks on a different day here. I also discovered that we were supposed to be renewing it yearly and could apply to have it increased based on the the children's needs. One of our therapists was surprised at how low ours is considering how high their needs are. I guess we will be getting right on that.

One of my girls decided they don't like the food at school and refuses to eat all day. She passed out in PE yesterday. She is fine but got a bit if a tongue lashing from me.

My phone was dying. It was a slow and painful process. I could no longer talk on the phone when moving. I mean from the table to the stove kinda move. I hate to spend any extra money during this time of year but it couldn't be avoided. I began looking at different phones all the while drooling over the Blackberries. I really wanted one but the prices for one with my service was over $400. Not an option for us. I checked out other providers and their plans. Then I discovered flashing. We use Metro PCS and I know a lot of you are local and know who they are but man y of you may not have heard of them. They provide unlimited local, LD, text, and web for about $50 and I get $10 off for each additional line I add. Of course there is a catch. You can only use them around our metro area. It's a steal, if you don't leave town. I don't so it's perfect. Now there are other services that are popping up that are similar but I wanted to stay with them, if I could b/c we have to carry several lines and it is the cheapest. Back to flashing. With Metro PCS, you don't have a SIM card and you are limited in your phone options. Blackberries only very recently became and option. Without a SIM card, you can use phones that have been shut off by other carriers. They are considered to have a and ESN and basically trash, until now. I searched Craigslist and located a Blackberry that had been used 2 months and disrupted due to nonpayment. The phone was useless to her. I also found a guy that offered to do his magic on the phone for next to nothing. Voila, new Blackberry for less than $50.

I am in love with my phone and am considering running away with it. They will all still be able to reach me by phone, text, or email. I can blog about them, twitter, or hit them up on FB. I think I can parent like that. At least I am willing to give it a try. I think you all can expect some changes around here, too. I am so excited to get started.


Carmel said...

I don't think I truly lived until I owned a Blackberry. LOL. Check at the Applications if you can, you can find an app for just about anything you need.

Innocent Observer said...

So now you can run, but you are forced to stay local! haha

Sara said...

I love how a Blackberry ad is conveniently located at the end of your post! :)

Marthavmuffin said...

THeres a reason it's referred to as the Crackberry!

I love mine too, but it's a work phone so I havent explored many of the apps.

I recently put the FB app into play though...dangerous when I am supposed to be working!