Sunday, January 28, 2007

Great Weekend

We have had a fantastic weekend!! OK, I am leaving out the normal bad behaviors and focusing on the fact we survived and made it to see my friend and his family. It was great. He looks really good and his wife and kids are gorgeous. We went to a pizza place that has video games to entertain the kids. This was such a good idea for our kids b/c it allowed them to focus on something besides cuddling up to him. They barely noticed him and I was so relieved. The kids behaved and spent a ton of money on video games and the gumball machine. How many gumballs does a kid need anyway? We were there for over 2 hours and talked up a storm. I can't wait to see them again.

On an irritating note, we went to dinner with an employee of my husband's on Friday and my oldest acted like she was on a date with him. She flipped her hair, laughed at his stupid jokes, and kept pressing her arm against his. He is so stupid he did not even notice. I had to have a conversation about how her body language looked and how dangerous it is. I made sure she understood she had done nothing wrong and it was normal for a girl to have a crush but she has to be careful how she acts so a man does not get uncomfortable. It was a fine line to walk and make her understand she would never be at fault if a man approached her but she needed to curb the flirting.

My husband had his truck stolen by an employee on Saturday and we spent the day freaking out b/c it had almost $5000 worth of tools in it. My husband hires alot of guys from a halfway house in our area and it has had it's moments. This was definitely one of them. He returned the truck with everything in tact and we dropped the charges. He had relapsed but come out of it and came over to our home to tell us. He turned over all his cash ($1000) so he would not be tempted again. My husband holds cash for several of the guys and disperses small amounts every day to help them at their request. It is so sad but they are really great employees for the most part.

Over all, great weekend b/c all the kids survived and I slept on Saturday night for more than 4 hours.

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