Saturday, January 20, 2007

Strike Three and I Want Outta Here

I got up early and brushed the kids hoping not to repeat the last 2 Saturdays. It did not work. I am completely at a loss for the trigger and reasons for this huge setback. Maybe they are having some feelings of attachment and they are freaking out. Maybe they are missing my husband b/c he has had to work the last few weekends and they are used to spending time with him. Maybe it is their poor little bodies are now getting so much to process with this new technique. I am really open for suggestions, I am getting pretty frustrated and overwhelmed. My husband will be done with his deadline this week so he will be here more and that will help.

It is so bad I had to postpone my friend reunion tomorrow and I can;t help but wonder if that is what has the kids in an uproar to begin with. Me having something positive and non child related to look forward to and plan for. That would be right up their alley. They have issues with their Mother cheating and my friend is a man, ohhhh, I think I might have figured out today myself. They freaked out last night at the thought of me leaving town in May for a weekend with online friends not only b/c I was leaving but when I mentioned some of the names and one was obviously a man that is when the older kids started crying. B tried to say she did not want to be left alone with a man (my husband) but when given several great offers she ended up being ok with staying here with him. He was teasing me about leaving at first but opted to stay here with him once he made it clear he was not concerned with the trip. I may really be onto something with this.

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