Friday, January 05, 2007

Not Again!

They are back. LICE!!!! I noticed some itching earlier in the week and panicked. I read somewhere recently that there is a prescription for it out now that was really good. I took them to the pediatrician and she gave me 2 scripts for Ovide and a professional nit comb. I admit I was skeptical at first, I mean we have battled this for 6 months and it seemed to have it under control several times only to have it back again. She assured me this stuff kills the nits, too. That has been the problem all along, I can't get all of the nits out. I would wash them every few days to prevent the lice from maturing and laying more eggs. I have used all the OTC shampoos, olive oil, mayonnaise, hair gel, and tee tree shampoos regularly and I wash or dry on high their pillows, towels, blankets, coats, and anything that I can shove into the darn thing. I spray my furniture, van, and their book bags down, I mean I am as thorough as possible but could not get these horrible pests out of here. Now back to the present....This stuff is so great!! The minute I leaned A over and poured on the first few drops I saw one run for cover. I put her head up and I saw several at the front of her head. I had no idea she had so many b/c they are the exact color of her hair and are invisible until her hair is wet. It does burn so she was getting upset and I hurried along, when I was done I noticed her shirt was dirty and I brushed it off only to realize it was not dirt it was dead bugs! OMG!!!! On to the next child and I swear these things were actually jumping off her head like she was a burning building and they were dead before they hit the ground. My sister called this after noon and asked why I was so cheery, "I've finally killed them and their babies, too!"

I took C to see her new school and they are calling her by the name she wants to become, Ella. She has chosen this on her own and is quite demanding about it. My husband calls her Smella and she loves it. She was so nervous going in and when the teacher introduced her as Ella I thought she would die, she smiled from ear to ear and giggled every time they said it. On the way home in a huge storm she tells me, "I think I'm going to like my teacher." I know exactly why, too.

My husband is getting a huge bonus if he finishes his current project, a strip mall. He always finishes on time so while I won't bank on it yet I know he will get it. He loves working for this guy Darrin b/c he just had his partner buy my husband a 2004 Dodge Ram 3/4 ton Quad Cab Long Bed truck with a Hemi. The guy drove it around a bit and took it to the shop and put a brand new motor in it b/c he said it had too many miles on it. He is supposed to go to CA and pick it up in 2 weeks and I swear the man told me to call him Mr. Hemi. He is so excited, it is his dream truck and I hear him giggle a little to himself every once in awhile. He works so hard and he deserves everything he makes but a truck seems a bit over the top. They really like him and this guy is so rich it is not even funny. He has multiple homes and commercial properties. He wants my husband to stick around b/c he saves him so much money on every job that he literally builds these properties for about 1/4 of the price a general contractor would charge him. My husband's guys do most of the work, he plays Superintendent for free b/c they pay him more 33% more than he gets anywhere else, and he knows what he is doing and always does a great job. They stole my husband from the general contractor of one of their jobs b/c he was doing all the work and Darrin was paying a guy who hired the guy that hired my husband. Did you follow that? Darrin saves by eliminating 2 companies and still pays Pookie tons more than he wanted and now they are giving him bonuses on top. Anyway, he loves his job and that is a good thing.


FosterAbba said...

Ugh! I hate lice soooo bad! Every foster kid we've had (three so far) has had lice.

Here's the easiest way I've found to get rid of them:

1) Shampoo with Prell shampoo.
2) Coat the hair all the way to the scalp with olive oil. Leave on for 2 hours.
3) Wash hair again with Prell.
4) Comb through hair with a LiceMeister comb.

Repeat process weekly until all lice and nits are gone. Usually 3 weeks.

No major vacuuming, sheet washing, etc.

Fostermama said...

I feel your pain! This past year we had a fight with ringworm that seemed to never end!