Thursday, January 04, 2007

My kids D and A have been doing the brushing and I went to the school today and did it w/o incident. They both came home from school with serious issues. A got in a fight at school and pushed a girl down in the mud. I am waiting to discover the consequence of that incident tomorrow. D started freaking out on the bus for no reason and ended up cussing out the bus driver. She will be suspended from the bus and I am sure this has to do with their "need" for the next session. I swear it is like heroin or something. They become desperate and out of control when it wears out. They have to have that stimulus and she told me she did not know why she was angry she just needed to scream and she felt better.

I talked to the OT and she was not surprised, she wants a meeting with the school to have them do an additional brushing in the after noon. I am not real happy about them doing it b/c I worry about attachment issues but they obviously need it and I can not go 2 times a day for 10 minutes. She also wants a SID dx for all my kids in place by the pediatrician immediately. I am sure they will do it but more calls for me and lots of faxing.

I spoke with C's new teacher and she was so kind. She is really excited to meet our family b/c she has heard so much about us form the other school and the county office. She was informed C's twin may be entering her class as well based on the evals I had turned into the county office. She had fantastic things to say about her school's grade level MID program and said D would be a lucky girl to get in there with that teacher b/c she is top notch. She pushes the kids to be their best and does not back down. That is exactly what D needs.

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