Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Little Athlete

I have just finished filling out the paperwork for D to be in the Special Olympics. Next week she will compete in volleyball and there will be other sports throughout the school year. The funny part is she does not know what the sport is and has the reflexes of a rock. If you throw a ball at her she does not move, she will watch it coming towards her face and do nothing. I have a week to teach her to lift her hands. I am not convinced she will learn this before her big day.

We told her last night about being promoted to the 2nd grade and changing schools. She was very excited about the new idea and it became obvious she has no attachment to anyone in her class or school. Just another reminder for me how unattached she is to everything. She is looking forward to riding the little bus w/ her sister and being the oldest sibling there at that school. She feels she will be in charge. Whatever it takes, girl.

We had the first decent night in awhile and I was on the edge waiting for an outburst. They behaved very well at the restaurant and only got a little loud in van on the way home. Showers went well and bedtime is usually pretty easy. They will lay down w/o a problem but my son gets up multiple times every night. I am very grateful that that part of our day goes fairly well regularly. I am focusing on only the good things and giving little attention to the negative behaviors. I also ordered the weighted vests for both D and my son to replace the brushing. It really saves me a ton of time and energy to have them put on a vest for 30 minutes a couple of times a day rather than stop everything every couple of hours.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there tudu. Just wanted to send a general comment to let you know I found your blog. I will scoot off now and get to reading. I hope to find within that you are doing well and staying warm this winter season. Can't wait to read all about the kiddos!

Nice to 'see' you again btw.