Monday, January 22, 2007

What More Can I Do?

It has been an extremely difficult weekend and I have been left drained and wondering if I am doing enough. Sunday was an absolute disaster after we had sat down the 3 difficult children Saturday night and encouraged them not to let one day set them back further. They managed to make Sunday worse that ever. My oldest, B, who is extremely dedicated to her siblings asked me to consider a hospital for D and my son. She is worried what their behavior is doing to the rest of them and how they are taking their anger out on Emma. She wishes she would have been adopted without them. I am still committed to all of them but I wonder if she isn't right, they need more than what we have to offer and they are obviously more disturbed than the others and are doing damage to them from the constant violence and destruction. How much am I supposed to put my other children through? I feel strongly that they will be able to get it together someday and be a part of our family and I would not consider disrupting but I am concerned for the rest of our sanity.

The therapist understands that I feel like therapy is a waste of time with them and 20 minutes a week is not doing them any good. How can they get anything out of that in such a short time. They need an hour or more a week and they need to see more than one therapist so I can not stay at an office for hours upon hours a week and get nothing accomplished. They need attachment therapy and these evaluations should give me a ammo to fight DFCS on it. I feel like I can not add anymore effort (brushing, cuddling, and games) to my day b/c I am so strapped for time as it is. I am leaning toward homeschooling for a while to get these things in our day done. I have so many appointments and not enough time. I am babbling, I am just trying to figure out what else I could possibly do.


Fostermama said...

Is there any way the kids would qualify for straight medicaid? It is so much easier to get Lili's therapies approved & paid for with them.

Tudu said...

They have striaght Medicaid and that is a mess right now. Medicaid is not approving additional needed OT and PT for my kids w/o tons of documentation and lots of patience while they wade through it all. I have been told this recently changed and we have submitted the documentation for PT twice and are still waiting for approval for a child with Cerebral Palsy. I mean come on, she obviously needs PT.

As far as the therapist goes, he is doing his best but he is not an attachment therapist and most don't take any insurance much less Medicaid. My agency is willing to help out on the astronomical fees for the assessments but even with their assistance we will be in real trouble for lack of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Why won't the attachment therapist take insurance or medicaid?

Who is charging the high assessment fees?

Tudu said...

We can't even begin AT until the county gives it's approval and at this point they refuse. It is something we discussed with tthem prior to placement and they have changed their mind. We have 2 Attachement Centers here in Atlanta and one does not take any insurance and the other will take Medicaid but there is still a very hefty copayment.