Thursday, January 04, 2007

C will start Special Ed Pre K next Tuesday and will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am waiting on her new teacher to call and set up a quick tour of the class before she starts. Transportation will not be in effect for 20 days or so. One of the reasons I am so excited about this school is that this is the very school we are being considered for for D. I was so worried about D going to a new school w/o her siblings and now she will have one. C is pretty excited to the point of telling strangers in the store. She is so clingy with me I am not sure how it will go at first she barely leaves me alone to use the restroom now. I am not kidding, she waits outside the door and tells me "I can't hear anything. Are you going?" When I say I do not have a minute to myself, I am serious.

We had C's braces for her legs refitted and he was not impressed with the way they are fitting her. She has been complaining alot but I make her wear them anyway. We have compromised and let her do most of her time at night until she can wear them longer during the day. This specialist thinks she needs an orthopedist appointment now not in 5 weeks. I agree but can not find one willing to take Medicaid. We have to go back in 2 weeks to have them rechecked and possibly have one redone.

My niece, Brooklyn, is at my home M-F from 7AM to 4 Pm and tonight we convinced her Mom to let her spend the night. Yeah!! I have watched her since she was a baby and love her to death. She is 2.5 yrs old and starting that whiny stage but really smart and funny. She will sleep in a sleeping bag in the little girls room. We skipped a nap so she will go to sleep tonight. She loves scary movies of any kind and I kid you not, here favorite one is The Grudge. She loves to be a monster and kinda growls things at you when she is playing one. My kids are all scared of the dark and freaked out by everything so it is too funny to see this kid loving such things.

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