Monday, January 15, 2007

I Get it Already!!!

The last 2 Saturday mornings have thrown me off a bit on my brushing schedule. They are used to getting up and getting it within a few minutes and are off to their day but the weekends are harder for me to get to them so quickly and they go off the deep end which leads to hours of rages before I can calm them enough to be brushed. It is a horrible cycle I refuse to relive again and again. I now know this will be my priority and will do this first every day. Their OT is shocked it has had such a huge impact on our lives and frankly, I have had my moments where I thought it was possible they were "getting better" on their own or with my help. I was wrong, every time I have been late or missed it they have turned into crazy screaming monsters with rages lasting most of the day that I was completely powerless to calm until they wore themselves out. It is as bad if not worse than in the beginning and they are as shocked by their lack of control as I am. Their OT is looking into additional things to help us cope with their sensory issues and I have been asked to speak at a meeting for local OTs on the impact of this technique with her. From what I understand, it is not usually this effective and not as commonly used on their type of sensory issues. I am obviously not up to snuff on all of this b/c it is still so new to me.

Last Friday I took my son and D to have psychological evaluations done. I was concerned that they would blow right through them and convince them how awesome and cute they are. The school is convinced I am crazy so I figured it was a real possibility they would, too. Dr. D. has it under control, she saw things right off the bat that most don't. I know it is her job but she is good. She asked D to draw a picture of a family and she drew the Dr. D. as her mother. Hello! Can you say "Mommy shopping again!" She asked me about the fidgeting and constant moving, I barely notice with so many moving constantly and it does not bother me at all so I figured it was normal. Not at all, they could not sit still for even a moment she claimed. Poor D could not even concentrate on the questions b/c she is so delayed and shifts into survival mode when she does not understand things. She admitted she had grave concerns about possible attachment issues with both of them but she would let me know when she had finished the testing and her report. I am very excited to see what she has to say b/c she came very highly recommended by my agency. Everyone knows they are traumatized but it will be great to have it in writing so we can pursue attachment therapy and know in what direction we need to be headed before we finalize. I would love to fight for the correct amount of subsidy but that is really last on a very long list of things to accomplish in this life since I feel like a heal doing it and we can manage w/o it.


Amanda said...

When you say brushing, do you mean using a soft bristle brush on their arms, backs, and legs? (Just curious, because at first I thought you were talking about brushing out the nits.) The boy I work with has autism, and while he has never really responded to the brushing, there are certain sensory things that he needs and craves (like swinging on his frog swing or being "squished" under a pillow). Isn't it amazing how things like sensory issues that you've never really thought about before can now have such a huge impact on your life?

Tudu said...

Yes, we are working on sensory issues getting under control. The lice and nits seem to be gone!