Friday, January 19, 2007

Holding Out

The twins worked really hard on their evaluations and the doctor commented on the fact they were delayed. We are sure C is but not so sure about A. I have been desperate for someone to clarify this for us. Hopefully now we will have those answers. I have cramps in my hand from filling out the endless forms and questionnaires for these evaluations. I am not kidding, I couldn't figure out why my right hand is so sore lately and as I was filling out these darn things in the waiting room I realized it was from them. I thought possibly an injury from a recent restraint but I am pretty sure it is from the endless questions.

My worker met me there to pick up some paperwork and books. She is the nicest girl, she is always so beautifully dressed. She made a comment on how I looked nice today and I thought about it and she does not get to see me in makeup and hair fixed b/c she usually sees me at home running around cleaning noses and wiping butts. Anyway, she made my day. I know, I am so easy to please.

D, is still choosing to stay in her room and throw a fit rather than spend the few minutes it would take to clean it up. My kids are gonna be really successful once they put their minds into it. I think she is on day 3 of this, there is no way I could have held out that long. She is a little freaked out b/c I complimented her on it a few minutes ago. She keeps waiting for me to be upset at her choice not to clean up her mess and I am complimenting her on her amazing ability to stand her ground. LOL I can out last her anytime. She needs me to be firm and I will. Take your time, D.


Amanda said...

Still getting to "know" your family... What is the rundown of kids and ages?

Tudu said...

B is 10, P is 9, D is 8, A is my only son and he is 6, Emma and the twins Smella* and Ava* are 5.