Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yesterday was another rough evening. One child lost her shiznit and threatened all of us several times. She wanted to call DFCS on her sisters, tell her teachers I don't love her, and a few other random threats. I immediately knew she was not safe and removed the other children from the room. After over an hour, she finally admitted she was having inappropriate thoughts about the kids. She was worried she would "have to touch them". She claimed she is "a bad girl". No amount of reassurance would calm her and she wasn't clear about who or why she would have to do it. The only thing that helped was to tell the other kids she was feeling unsafe and make them promise to tell on her. After that she finished picking up her room and nothing else was said until shower time. At that point, she wanted to be sure no other child would come in the bathroom. Once we all agreed, she moved on. I tried to help her see how safe she was by warning the other kids she was having feelings about it. She couldn't accept it. Apparently, she is evil and nothing can change that.

Another child deliberately dumped my clean laundry from the washer onto the floor. I was not a happy camper when I found it and hollered out to the LR that it was not acceptable. Knowing what she did, she went off. She hated me, I am only mean to her, I hate her, and so on. One of the kids asked her why she was mad at me and both my DH and I had to cover our mouths so we didn't burst into laughter. She insisted I told her to move some of the clothes to the dryer. I never said all of them. She had done nothing wrong. We were out to get her in trouble. I am always mean to her b/c I hate her. She avoided a violent episode but refused her meds for the first time. I caught her on one of her many runs to the bathroom, in the middle of the night, to go down and take them. She woke with a migraine this morning and I am sure it from taking them without enough sleep afterward. I hate it for her but I insisted she go to school.

Kiera is singing her head off. She has mixed 4 or 5 songs together and sings at the top of her lungs. It cracks me up.

Emma went skating with a boy this weekend while Ava spent the night at her friend's.


Corey said...


Sorry to laugh.. but the ad at the bottom said.. "Looking to adopt?" and I hate to tell you, love, but that post wouldn't make people flock to it! ;-)

Hope to see you in Orlando next year!

J. said...

at least she is able to say that she is feeling like she is not safe around them. Hang in there.

Kate said...

So sorry to hear about the rough evening :(.. It is so sad that they are still having those thoughts and think it is their fault.
It's so good to read about the wonderful things though (and hilarious things Kiera is up to!)
I shipped off the package (finally) earlier today. Please let me know when you get it!

robyncalgary said...

AWWWW emma <3 thats darn cute teehee