Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Same Advice, Separate Them

Our appointments this morning were horrible. Kiera's always been aggressive and demanding but she was completely out of control during the appointment. I always bring a bag of toys, snacks, and her lovey. She slept well last night and on the way there. She was in a decent mood until she wasn't. About 2 minutes into it she started hitting. It quickly moved to kicking and screaming. There was no ignoring this tantrum. Eventually, I had to have Patches take her to the van and let her scream it out there. I am not kidding. There was no reason for it and she couldn't have been meaner. The psychiatrist even said that is not normal behavior for a 2 yr old. He asked me some questions about her background and then apologized that she can not return for our visits with the other kids. It was that bad.

Overall, he was OK. I have come to terms with never being satisfied with a pdoc. He feels that if the meds are working, then they are the right ones. I had hoped for a little more advice and increase for Patches but not for 3 more months. He added a new med to Michael but warned me that he fears none of them will be OK together long term. He said based on his experience, Patches, Michael, and Ruthie will need to be separated from each other and possibly the family in order to succeed. He tried to back off it a bit and say that he would need to get to know us better before being sure that would hold true for our family. He spoke a lot about how they trigger each other and can't back down. This will continue to worsen. Ruthie's main issue is protecting Michael. She has now added Kiera to that. I can not correct Kiera sternly without her losing her crap.

I go back Thurs with Ruthie and Ava. I am sick about it. I want to lay down and cry myself to sleep. In fact, that's where I am going now.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I am so sorry to hear that things didn't go so hot. We'll continue to pray!

Lindsay said...

I have nothing except 'I'm sorry.' You don't deserve this. Your kids don't deserve it. You all deserve a magic wand. I'm sorry there isn't one.

J. said...

it is to bad that K was such a handful. Do you think that some of it is because of all that has been going on lately?
It is hard to have to keep findng a new doc, I can not even imagine.