Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm off to take Ruthie to the Orthopedist. She tripped over the neighbor on Saturday and separated the bone plates on the side of her foot. Something to that effect, DH took her so I'm going with his version. Remember, he is seriously going deaf and has short term memories issues from 2 traumatic brain injuries. Who knows what is really going on with her foot.

Secretly, I'm thinking, serves her right for breaking mine 6 weeks ago. Karma's a bitch. I'd never say it to her but I am thinking it.

Patches is trying to get out of showering again. She is so sneaky but I'm sneakier!

Cyr broke down last night. It hit her really hard that we are moving. I hate it for her. It hurts my feelings so bad but it will do 2 main things for her. It will help her Mom find some sanity and put some distance between her and her boyfriend. He is a nice kid in front of us but has done some really stupid, dangerous things. It is for the best for all of us but it will break her heart in the process.

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Jennie said...

when is the move?

can you try implementing the "5s" rule Sissy learned at RTC for Patches?
Sissy gets in the shower and lathers up, then calls out "5s!" and I pop my head into the bathroom as she waves 5 soapy parts at me from behind the shower curtain, one at a time: arm, arm, leg, leg, head. She'll still try to sneak but then I just say, 'Nope. redo the head"

she might not be washing her genitals but I've told her this: "sissy, if you don't wash your privates, we'll know. Maybe not right away but in about two or three days we'll smell the truth."

she doesn't like that very much!