Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feeling Blah

I had to have an embarrassing conversation with the counselor at the elementary school today. One of my kids is getting aroused in PE and throughout her day at school. She asked for intervention by the school so I had to explain it to them. Trust me, it's never easy to find words to explain your child's need to masturbate because a peer had to stand between their legs. How do you warn them to be aware of her compulsion to touch touch herself but claim you think others are safe around her? This child thinks she is being inappropriate because she spreads her legs in front of her classmates. What she doesn't understand is they have no idea she is getting off on this since she has jeans on. Is she still inappropriate? I think she is since it is making her aroused. I do not feel the other children are in danger due to this. I feel it is important all her teachers are aware of this recent behavior and help her get her mind onto other things.

Another child has been acting out at school. She's not a peach around here but manageable. She is supposed to be writing 3 things she thinks will help her cope with school tomorrow. I gave her at least 8 suggestions and told her to use them if she felt they would help. She is refusing to accept responsibility for her behavior and to help find ways to avoid it. According to her, I should know what to do. I must have missed that page in the handbook. Again, my fault. She is currently resting her head on the table making herself fall asleep. I have no plan to disturb her and her intense thinking.

Ella is passed out on the sofa. I swear any time she slows down, she goes out.

My son informed me when he came in from the bus, "It nice outside. We need to play there."

I feel blah. I need to find the strength to get back into things. I'm not there yet. I could sleep the day away. I'm ready for them to overcome their issues and have a great life. Since that's not happening, I feel blah.


MamaKate said...

It is going around, the blah.

robyncalgary said...

obviously you cant answer for SURE or anything, but im just curious as to your opinion (though im pretty sure what i think is right)- i was in grades 1-4 with a girl who constantly stimulated herself on the edge of her chair, the teacher's desk, the toilet etc. this is probably a sign that she was sexually abused as a child?

J. said...

I am not sure how I would handle that as a parent but I know that as a teacher I could change gym so that things like that were not going on any longer. Good luck

Tudu said...

Robyn, I'd be willing to bet the child you were talking about was abused. Those behaviors are not normal.

robyncalgary said...

tudu it really just breaks my heart to think of it now, because really it was 20 years ago and things were as good then as they were now, for services and interventions for kids like that. she moved around grade 4 so i really just wonder what happened to her. your kids are so lucky to have you <3 and im thankful that you write this blog and share your life, joys and struggles with the world :)