Monday, March 29, 2010

My Dream Home

I'm taking Patches and Michael to the new p doc tomorrow. I'm stressed out hoping this will be the one and worried he won't. Our therapist has had a death in the family and won't be going with us after all.

House hunting has begun and is not nearly as much fun as I had hoped. I found a 110 yr old home that is bank owned. I may be in love. There are several things that were not on my list like a huge yard. It is in the middle of the tiny town and across the street from the city park and public library. I keep telling myself that makes up for the yard. There is no basement for his reptiles but does have a couple of outbuildings that would work great. He doesn't necessarily agree. It claims to be 4 bedrooms but it has several other rooms that aren't living rooms or dining rooms so we could use it for extra bedrooms. We would have to get rid of tons of stuff but that is appealing to me. The kitchen and family room has been completely restored and is the best part. It has original floors, doors, and fixtures. The porch wraps around 2 sides and the other 2 are surrounded by a huge deck. It needs the windows replaced and that will be costly but I'm in love. The best part is the price. Our mortgage would be in the low $600s. That alone gets me excited. It is 8 miles to my sister's front door and about 20 min to my Mom's. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high before an inspection but I can't help it.

Ella has found her voice and attitude, too. She has always played the victim until recently. Now she is becoming my little instigator. It's almost funny, almost.


J. said...

I am sucker for old and beautiful and across from the library would have me too! I hope comething works even if it does have a small yard.

MyLinda said...

That house sounds wonderful! Hope the new doc works out.