Friday, March 19, 2010

Choke or Strangle?

Ruthie was able to keep herself together while her brother melted down last night. I couldn't even find the energy to get upset about him. Ava and Michael had taken it upon themselves to clean off the back deck. It was very sweet until he wasn't. She wanted to move the chairs to the back part of it. He didn't and yelled she was being mean to him. She walked past him to get another chair. He pushed her in the stomach and jumped on her wrapping his hands around her throat. He tried to choke her but she is bigger than he is and was able to knock him off. When the story was related to me by Ava, he became enraged with me. He didn't want her to use the word choke. If she explained it without that word, he was fine with the explanation. It makes no sense but that has become my life. It's acceptable to strangle your sister but not to choke them. Go figure.


Kelly said...

I know so many parents that have kids wigging out right now. Has the world tilted on it's axis? It's not a full moon so what's the deal?

I vote we all run away!!! Sorry you're going through this.

Lindsay said...

Has the word 'choke' got hidden meaning for Michael maybe? Like it is something a parent threatened or did, and used *that* word rather than 'strangle'? Maybe there is some kind of reason for him reacting so badly to the word?