Saturday, March 13, 2010

We are all alive, barely. We have a long awaited event tomorrow that I am hoping they will manage to get through without any huge episodes.

One great thing I want to share is........I think 3 kids may be close to getting out of pull ups at night soon. Silly thing to be excited about? They are really expensive for kids the size of an adult and 1 of them uses 2 or 3 a night. I can't wait to find a creative way to use that extra $.


Ashley said...


Your state doesn't provide incontenence supplies? That's ridiculous!

Really glad you're all hanging in there!


Jennie said...

i hear you on the pull ups! but I'm equally grateful they make 'em that big because gosh, what did people do with their challenged kids BEFORE manufacturers clued in and made bigger ones?!