Monday, March 22, 2010

Prison Isn't Looking So Bad

I must admit, having a delusional person in your family is difficult but having 2 is enough to drive me mad. There is no reasoning with them. Today's first stupid argument went as follows,

Patches foot touched the laptop on the floor and Michael told her in a threatening tone, "You need to stop kicking the computer."

P, "I didn't see it."

M, "Yes, your did. I saw you look down."

P yelling now, "No, I didn't! I hate you! Your a baby!"

M standing and then getting in her face, "You did! I saw you!"

P, " No, I didn't!"

M, "Yes, you did!"

They repeated the last 2 statements about 20 times before I could yell loud enough for them to hear me. I tried to reason with them and finally blew my top. My response was, "Until your eyes are in her head, you can't tell me what she saw. Not every one is being mean to you. (They both say this constantly and can't tell you what the other person has done BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING. Sorry, back to regularly scheduled programing.) You are both required to stop talking to each other or I can't be responsible for my actions. If you are caught speaking to each other, I may or may not murder someone. GO!"

They repeated this argument about several different topics at least 10 more times. Is it wrong to count the days until they are 18? Probably only because they won't leave me until they are 40!

I swear I love them, well, most days. I'm so glad they have an 8:30 PM bedtime so I can recoup from the mere 5 hours an afternoon with them.

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MomInTheTrench said...

I've often thought jail (or the hospital) would be a welcome vacation for myslef! Hi-five on the 8:30 bedtime.