Friday, December 26, 2008

We Survived!

We went to MIL's for Christmas Eve and then went to pick up the baby from her G Grandmother's. Did I even tell y'all that she was going? I was very worried about Kiera going to stay with her mother at her G Gma's from Sunday to Wednesday. I had nightmares but talked to her every day. She was fine in the end but we didn't pick her up until late that night so she missed the activities at my MIL's. She was so excited to see me and nearly leapt out of her mother's arms to smash her face in my neck. She wouldn't let me set her down for some time and slept all the way home. Once here, I changed her diaper and found one of the nastiest diaper rashes I have ever seen. I photographed it (I felt so bad and gross to do it but I knew it was necessary). It hurt so bad she couldn't sit comfortably. I bathed her for probably the first time since she left me and we snuggled in for bed. She slept all night only rolling over to be sure I was there and to press her tiny body completely against me. I had to wake her up at 7:30 the Christmas morning b/c the kids couldn't wait another minute. She went back down to nap with my DH for 2 hours and then again in my arms for another 2. She went to bed by 8 PM and slept all night. She was worn out! I know now that she really needs to be with me. Her mother doesn't really want to parent and she refuses to properly clean and care for her. The GG even said in front of her that the baby is where she should stay.

The kids got all they wanted and have kept themselves together the best they can. Cyr is texting away on her new cell. Patches is making bracelets for everyone. Ruthie is a new mother to faux American Doll that looks just like her. Michael is singing his heart out in his microphone. Emma won't stop playing with her Little Pet Shop junk. Ava was playing with her HSM dolls until I took them away b/c she stole my only present. Ella is rocking out with her new electric guitar.

We have a lazy week planned ahead and I look forward to peace and quiet. Patches is doing well on her Abilify. We just upped it to 20 mg and it seems to be the right med. She can stay awake and she isn't eating me out of house and home.

We did have a tiny glitch in our plan this holiday. My fridge died the day before Christmas Eve. I later found out my aunt had her stove die the same day. She called to tell me my father died Christmas morning. I never met him and wouldn't want to. Did make me kinda sad though, not for him. I thought about calling my brother but figured it best to wait until after the holiday. I am sure he won't cry any tears or run to his funeral. Why ruin his holiday with thoughts of such a crappy man?

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!


Lisa said...

I hope Kiera never has to leave again or at least until she's starting college.

It still hurts sometimes when someone you dislike dies. I'm sorry.

So glad Patches meds are working!

Marthavmuffin said...

Glad you had a peaceful holiday, and hope for more peace for you in the next days. Sorry about your dad. My dad wasnt the greatest dad either, I have nightmares about his funeral...Weird that he died on Christmas Eve, maybe cuz he had no relationship with his family...most will hang on til after the holidays they say.

So glad the meds are working for Patches (and for you!) and that the baby is home where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

feel free to tall me to shut up but if you never meet your father why do you hate him?

Innocent Observer said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Even if he wasn't in your life, and even if you never wanted him to be it has to hurt. :(

I am SO GLAD that your baby is back! I almost emailed you to find out if she was because knowing she wasn't with you was killing did you survive?

Happy Holidays!

Tudu said...

Anonymous, he was a very violent and evil man. I didn't know about him until I was an adult b/c I was conceived in a rape. He was told about me but my mother but she avoided any further contact. I was able to meet my extended family about 8 or 9 yrs ago. They don't have much to do with him but had some horror stories to share. I have since spoken to 1 of my half brothers and he has the same impression and had known him early in his life.

Kerry, I thought I would die without her. It was horrible at night. I want her to have visits with her family but they will be limited to 1 night only from now on. Anymore than that is too much for her mother.

What is a Russian Olive? My kids ate the entire jar in one sitting on toast! It was so good, thank you.

Innocent Observer said...

It's really yummy paired with cream cheese, either on toast or crackers...YUM! For years we got them on a friend's property, but then she stopped calling so we didn't want to ask to pick there anymore and we had to hoard our jam. This year we found an abundant source of the bushes on State property so we are all set and can make jam to our hearts content! hehe

I was really shocked that you let her go. When you start a post with "against my better judgment" it makes me nervous. I honestly thought about her every day that she was gone...every time my own little tornado did something cute I wondered how your little tornado was doing. :)

Carmine Crayon said...

I guessed that, Tudu. I have a sponsored child who was conceived of rape [and the mother is mentally ill and partially paralyzed] as well as my nephew. My nephew has never met his father and although it will get more complicated as he is older, he would be just as angry at a man he never met. Oddly enough, it seems so natural that he has never been a part of his life. He doesn't know and it's better b/c he doesn't have any custody rights. Would you want your child visiting the man who put a knife to your neck? Whatever the details of your own relationship or non-existent relationship, you have every right to be angry at him.

Ashley said...

Tudu, I haven't written in a whle I'm sorry.

So glad that Patches is coping with her new meds, and that the baby is back where she should be.