Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures fromVisit with Aunt/Uncle

Aunt M and Emma. I told her she looks like she is her mother and she offered to come take her off my hands. Emma adores Aunt M.

Uncle F, Cyr, and his daughter Courtney

The kids hadn't seen Courtney in many years and her surprise visit sent Cyr into tears. It's probably the 3rd time we have seen that child cry.

Michael is up top on left, Texas is holding him, Uncle F and Ruthie, Cyr over Ella, Courtney, and Ava

Cyr and Aunt M

Courtney and Cyr

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Kath said...

Beautiful pictures!

And I was going to comment this on the other post, but I may as well do it here, I'm praying for you and your family, and at my church we have a prayer bowl, where we can write something on a piece of paper, and place it in the bowl, and the entire church prays for everything in the bowl (In case people have private things to pray for), and I put a piece of paper saying "For Tudu's family in the difficult times", so my entire church is praying for you too! I hope everything sorts itself out soon for you, and the children!