Monday, December 01, 2008

Murderous Intentions

I have managed to get another chest cold and share it with the baby. This is not good for a small child with asthma. At least the meds help her sleep a little more than usual but still no where near the amount she needs.

The kids head back to school today and I am grateful for the break. The boys are near killing each other. They argue constantly and I swear at some point only one will emerge safe and sound. We are doing our best to help them cope but nothing is working. Both insist on continuing their annoying behaviors and refuse to allow the other to make a mistake without jumping down their throat.

Ava stole her class' boys' bathroom pass. Not sure why. She claims it seemed like it would be fun. I sent a note to her teacher returning it to her and requested a consequence. I really don't think she will give her one. I usually don't give consequences for poor behavior at school, I let the school deal with that. I decided to make an exception for theft in this case. I am waiting to see what she decides before I add something to it.

Cyr has tried to hurt Rosa several times. She is very innocent looking and is completely shocked when asked about it. The same things she did to me making me wonder if I was imagining it. She is very jealous and angry but shows nothing. Her passive aggressive behaviors are quite scary. She was told repeatedly to not push when she and Rosa were carrying a huge piece of lead on the job with my DH. She was told it could be life threatening. She pushed and pushed and then pushed harder. She actually tried to kill her by slicing her in half. Rosa just moved faster and eventually confronted her on it. It just shows me Cyr hasn't really changed at all. She is so good at hiding the real her. I am disappointed and discouraged. She is so dangerous.

Patches called 911 on Alyssa. Alyssa yelled at her so Patches wanted her to see what happened when you mess with her. She actually thought she would be arrested. Isn't that nice? Patches also feels that she has to separate and take any children having fun without her. If she sees the baby playing with a child, she will go over and pick her up and walk away to play with her. If Alyssa and Emma are palying and having fun, she will go ask Alyssa if she wants to do something more fun with her. She has to have the attention. It is being addressed and she is not too happy to be caught.

Still waiting on pictures from my MIL...


Ashley said...

Thinking of you all- Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

SORRY!!!! I will send the pictures today, I promise. I am happy to hear that Patches has confessed to seperating Emma and Alyssa. She doesn't want to play with Ella. I really enjoyed having all of them and we had so much fun. You might want to check Michael each morning. He had some problems while he was here and left the evidence behind the bathroom door. I didn't find it until yesterday. Are we having Christmas at your house on Saturday this year? I need to make our plans with the Terrells. Let me know what you and Michael want to do.

Kathleen said...

Title of this post gives a whole new meaning to "Finishing Off My Family".
Hugs and Prayers

Innocent Observer said...

I'm sorry that you don't have much good news to report right now. Ugh. Hang in there.

By the way, the large jar was organic grape; I forgot to label it.

Mongoose said...

I hope you guys know what you're doing. In Canada it's illegal for a child that age to work in construction, an inspector would shut the job down instantly. Also to give a child a job that "could be life threatening", and then continue letting her do it after she's repeatedly demonstrated that she's not able to do it safely, exposes you to huge penalties and liability if something does happen.