Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm trying to catch things up and can't believe the baby is still sleeping. Michael was asked in therapy if he had any memories that are bothering him. Not unusual just to get things started. He shocked both the AT and I when he said, "Yes". He remembers his father touching his privates. We didn't go into much more, we didn't ask any burning questions b/c we were shocked. This is the first anyone has mentioned the father actually touching. The AT did question if this was his memory or something he had been told. We got a look like we were both stupid and he claimed it as his.

When we got home, he took me aside and told me he remembers all his sisters being touched by their father. This sis important b/c Cyr and Patches refuse to acknowledge they have been abused by anyone except the paternal Gma's BF. He gave me details that made me believe him and I reported it to the Det.

The psychiatrist has made an opening for Patches tomorrow. I am hoping he has a miracle.


Anonymous said...

from all I've read so far I would be shooked if there was only toching to be tuthful.

Lisa said...

I'm hoping he has a miracle too!

Me said...

Praying you get your miracle!

I'm glad Michael is opening up. It's rough now but it will be good for the kids in the long run.

Lindsay said...

My heart bleeds for your kids and all they endured. Here's hoping the psychiatrist can offer some help to Patches tomorrow, and that all your kids will heal.