Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I spoke with Patches' AT today and she completely agrees with the dx. Made me sad and it is sinking in more and more. I know Patches will struggle but she is such a wonderful child that I know we will get through this.

Kiera has learned to give the stink eye. She is really good at it and gives it to me constantly now. Last night she and I were snuggling and I was tickling her face and said, "My baby". She touched my face the same way and said, "My Mommy". We did this over and over b/c it was just so sweet. This morning I wanted to show Cyr and Kiera refused to play along. Cyr rubbed my arm and said, "My Mommy". The baby leaped over me to push Cyr away and yelled, "My Mommy". We both cracked up, that girl is so funny.


Terri said...

Hey it sounds like things are easing up a bit for you guys. I hope you have a nice long break from the drama. With kids like 'ours' even a day without drama is a long break at our house.

We need to all remember to cherish the 'little' joys in life.

Tonight I had the sad task of visiting one of my dear friends at the funeral home. She fought breast cancer for two years and went to heaven yesterday. She leaves behind her husband of 30+ years, 2 beautiful daughters and a 7 year old son along with 2 precious granddaughters and a grandson to be born on January 7th.

Her friends and family will miss her terribly, but we know that our loss is heaven's gain.

Please remember the Wilson family in your prayers.

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Michelle said...

We play this game! And she never shows anyone when I want to show her off, lol.

But it is sooo sweet. I could play this for as long as she would let me. In fact, we've missed her bedtime many times because she's learned to play this when I say, "Night Night time". LOL. I'm such a sucker.

Christine said...

How sweet.