Friday, December 19, 2008

Against My Better Judgement

Kiera is going to stay with her Great Grandma, Grandma, and Mother from Sunday to Wednesday. I have spoken to the GG and she is going to be responsible for Kiera and her sister Lexie. Emma's Mom assures me that she is a stickler for rules and is trust worthy. She will go over and check on her every day. GG promises to call me if there is any problem and won't let her be alone with her. The Gma has recently been dx'd with lung cancer and since this may be her last holiday I felt it was important for her to see her. I am worried about the length of time she will be going for. The girl can't parent her but wants her for the fun stuff without regard for how it will affect her. This will porbably set the baby off since she is starting to get a handle on the routine here. I am looking forward to sleeping all night. I am already missing her terribly.

We will be visiting my Mother on Sunday and she has made the baby 2 loveys and a sweater. She does this for all her grandchildren and I am more excited about that then anything else. It's like it makes her real. We are going to my MIL's on Christmas Eve. She always out does herself for the kids. She is giving them all an outift and the best thing of all, money.

We were offered help with Christmas from a local organization. I was not getting my hopes up about it thinking they would just throw some things in a bag. I had underestimated them. Most of the children got exactly what they asked for. Things like an MP3 player, 5 outifts for one child, Hannah Montana guitar, and so any other things. I did have to add a bit to it to make it fair b/c my son received a toddler dump truck and Emma and Patches hauled it in with multiple outifts, shoes, and about 4 toys a piece. I was able to find Mp3 players on sale for $20 and 4 kids got them, Emma is into Little Petshop stuff so she is themed around that, Ruthie is so hard to buy for, Ella "needed" a guitar to play with her Dad, and Cyr is having her dream come true, a cheapo cell phone. She thinks it is a trip to Las Vegas b/c she wants to ride on a plane so bad.


Lisa said...

Oh I hope it's going to be ok. I hate she's having to be away from you but you could really use a break. Hoping you get lots of sleep.

Lisa said...

How's the Abilify doing?????