Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poop Catcher

As you all know, I have several wetters. Ruthie is one that seems to have had in under control for some time. Not anymore. Twice this week she has been triggered by something at school and wet herself in front of every one. She told me when I picked her up that she was playing in PE and when they started throwing the ball it reminded her of her Dad throwing the ball at her. She is also constantly complaining of feeling sick or having random boo boos. She is really stressed out.

I took Emma to the doctor today for her chronic stomach issues. She has always had pooping issues for a few reasons and it is very painful. Now I have to "catch" her poop and bring it in a tiny container to be tested for some bacteria she might/probably doesn't have. Can I have a volunteer to do the "catching"? She thinks it is terribly funny, I do not. I wonder if this is something I can put on my resume, "skilled at catching poop from hysterical child mid air". Probably not.

Further depression is setting in. My DH is out of work and home driving me crazy trying to find more. The contractors that use him aren't being paid by the banks. They want inspections of every detail before releasing funds and it is holding up him getting paid and more work being started. He is calling every one he has ever met looking for anything to keep him busy until it gets going again. It may drive me crazy to have him here bugging me but he is a workaholic and can't stand not to be busy providing for his family. At least a few of the gas stations have gas again. We were in a pickle for the last week with nearly every station in the metro area out of gas. Now if we could just afford to buy it. LOL The darn price is through the roof.


Jensboys said...

Don't ask how or why I know this ... but the best way I know of to do this mother job is to use newspaper under the toilet seat (slightly bagged down of course). Have hte child use the toilet and collect the speciman from the newspaper when done.

Very effective.

And you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


Mongoose said...

Let me know once you've mastered the art of poop catching, that way if the vet asks me for a urine sample from my dog again, I'll know who to call. ;)