Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hannah Montana

Ruthie had such a hard session today with the AT that she had to stay home from school afterward. She nearly wet herself and became physically ill toward the end. She worked really hard and went to places she has not before. Not once did she disassociate. She had to focus really hard to stay with us and did. It drained her completely and she slept for 3 hours after.

Michael was asked what kind of things he thinks about most. He stared at us for several minutes and said, "climbing trees". I think he was honest. LOL He is being so nurturing towards Patches lately, I love to see my kids copy my actions when trying to comfort some one else. He brushes her hair away, pats her back, and leans over when he talks to her. The best part is that she is taller than him and he doesn't realize I am leaning over to be on his level, he is just copying me. I wish I could bottle his cuteness, it sure makes the rough days easier.

I just heard Ella, Michael, and Emma discussing who was going to be Hannah Montana, they were just walking through the house talking. A minute later my DH who is trying to write up a bid at the kitchen table hollered down to the living room, "Hey, Hannah Montana, please keep it down." I guess they continued b/c he then said, "Hannah Montana, that means you, Michael, keep it down." My son was the one pretending to be Hannah. LOL The poor kid needs a brother so bad.

Ella is making up stories that sound like Patches'. She is so full of crapola. We have recently had to reinstate teh rule that no one helps Ella with anything. She loves to act helpless. It is so bad that we had to put it in her IEP last year.

Still no poop.....


Lisa said...

Come on up Tudu....;-)
Yay for Ruthie...Hoping she has a better day today.

How wonderful that the kids are mimicing you!!! How about Ava????

Essie said...

Hi- I was blog surfing and your first few lines caught my attention quick! My DD is 5 and has emotional issues and reacts the same way. Who would have thought you would describe progress with your kids by saying "she did not disassociate once" LOL!
Mine is the same!

Michelle said...

I'm setting here bawling. I'm just so floored at reading what your poor Ruthie is going through to get better. I don't know why but tonight I'm sooooo angry at your kids birth family. Makes MY kids birth family look like saints. I read your blog all the's not like I haven't read about your families therapy and issues before, but for some reason tonight I'm just overwhelmed that this could have all have been prevented if they didn't have the crappy birth parents they have. I hope they stay in jail forever.

If I had to deal with what your kids have dealt with, I'd probably hear voices and disassociate also.

I wish I had a million dollars right now. I'd give it to you so you can help all the adoptive parents dealing with the effects of the abuse that their kids received. I hope you get enough money soon.