Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sounds Like Ava

We knew she had a sadistic side but never thought she would be so bold as to show the outside world. She has a boy at the program that "likes" her. She says she likes him but when they questioned her more closely the discovered what she really likes is the fact she has control over him. He cries a lot and she tells him to stop, he does. She wants something and she tells him to get it, he does. She doesn't want to do something and tells him to do it, he does. You get the idea, only you don't get the the picture. She ENJOYS humiliating him into doing things for her. It's when he is hurt in some way by her demands that she really likes it. It is just a step beyond being bossy and it is what she does to her twin. LOL

She had a good weekend but the therapist feels it was b/c she was distracted by the additional kids. She had started off the same as usual and woke everyone up at 5AM. She was better after that b/c she had things to do and people to impress. Darn, I was hoping I had found the cure to RAD. This same therapist thinks she blames the kids for their removal and their parents incarceration. Since she claims not to remember anything happening with their parents, to her they are the victims, not the kids. She is in big time denial, they are worried this will be an issue if she testifies. I am not worried about that part, of course they have conflicting issues and feelings. I am not surprised she "doesn't remember", neither does several other children of mine, neither did I. It will come as she can handle it.

Patches is claiming she heard and then saw 2 children on our steps last night. The story seemed to change and didn't seem true. The fact she never told anyone until today made it even less believable. Every other incident she was terrified and that gave it the real feelings to make us concerned. This makes me worry she liked the attention and wants to get some more. They want to up her meds b/c of it, we are waiting a bit more before doing that.

Mongoose, you went private and I can't get in to catch up. Is there a secret knock that I forgot? Please, please let me in.


Mongoose said...
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Carmine Crayon said...

At least Ava is acting out in the program so they see her real side and she's not fooling them. How you noticed a difference in the girls going there?

Carmine Crayon said...

sorry, how=have

Tudu said...

No, I had hoped her change over the weekend was something but we all agree they had distractions. Maybe this weekend, since we do not see them during the week to gauge any changes

Kristina P. said...

Tudu, thanks for commenting on my blog! Your family is adorable.

I always feel so miniscule after reading Torina's and Lisa's blogs, and now yours! You are all so amazing.

I'm a social worker, and worked for DCFS for several years, so I completely get, how much I can not being an adoptive parent, the struggles you go through.

I'm adding you to my Reader! I will be back!