Monday, October 06, 2008

You Guys Are Good

I was so tickled to see how well you know my kids. Well, most of you. LOL I get confused and they live here so don't feel bad if you were WAY off.

It was Ruthie that wrote all over everything. She really is stuck in some toddler nightmare stage. Ava was the one that harassed me for hours reminding me that she did not do anything wrong this time and that she had a good weekend. At one point, I told her if she "reminded" me again, I would forget and write that she drove me crazy on her Behavior Folder for the program. Nipped that in the bud.

On another note. Ruthie is singing some made up song in the tub. "You are Poo Poo. You are Poo Poo." She is so funny.

Rosa picked up the kids and they were great until she showed up. LOL Isn't that how it always is. Eddie even denied that he has ever thrown a fit like my kids did. He was able to keep a straight face b/c the boy rarely smiles. I got him a few times but it is hard. Alyssa is quite the silent instigator. She drives her siblings nuts and it might be the only thing she enjoys. They are quite the handful for their mother but I am so proud to tell you she is a great mother. She tries so hard. I told the kids all weekend how lucky they were to have such a great mom.

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