Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Letter to the Teacher

I slept and only had 1 nightmare. I think I passed them on to Lisa. I am so sorry, I had no idea you could catch nightmare through a blog. I am scum.

Ruthie has given me 3 things to make up for writing all over the porch. One is a used rabbit she received from her parents (they wrote all over it with permanent marker in words that aren't spelled right or that I can understand except Mom and Dad), one of her lovies (a blanket my mom made her, she still has another), and a cabbage patch baby she has never played with. I feel terrible but it must be done. I will put the lovey and rabbit away in a box but donate the baby. She was mad about it all the other day but when she gave it to me, she practically threw it at me giggling to run outside and climb trees. I am guessing this parenting thing is harder on me than her.

Emma wrote a letter to her teacher last night b/c she didn't have enough homework. Her words, not mine, you would think a kid would love to have free time. I am not looking so good but it is cute.

"Dear Ms. Marlow,
Thak you for being a good teacher. I fell down in the woods and started to bleed. I am going to bring my stuff tomarrow. I am bringing paper platts, cups, fac worms, and scarry napkins. My mom is going to work very hard on being a good room mom. We had taco bell dinner. My mom was lasy at working on dinner. One of my sisters root onthe railing. Her nae is Ruthie. When I fell down my brouth Michael helped me up. The end.

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