Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Cat Can Not To Boy

Make sense to you? IT IS WRITTEN IN RED INK ALL OVER MY PAINTED PORCH RAIL! I am a little upset, as you can tell. The problem is the entire thing will have to be sanded and repainted b/c she wrote so hard and so many places. She will not learn this lesson. This child has done similar toddler things like crush crayons into the carpet and write her name on the wall many times before. Obviously, she isn't getting it. We had to up the consequence this time and decided to have her find 3 things she loves or enjoys to "sell" and she is currently washing the walls while she thinks of things. She was praised for her spelling and handwriting b/c they are much improved. She informed me that if she had to do this that she would cry, she would be forced to hit people, and she thinks I am mean. I somehow remained very calm and sympathetic while she screamed this in my face me, she kept coming back to scream some more but never hit me.

Another child was so proud it wasn't her that she interrupted the other child being confronted several times in the minute it took to say so. Can you to guess who wrote on the porch, who didn't, and why you think so?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, this is like a Finishing Off My Family version of Clue! I vote Ruthie on the porch with the red paint, and Ella in the middle seeking attention.
Hey, you made me laugh about this unexpected home repair. I sure hope you can get a chuckle.

- April in RI

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

I'm guessing Ruthie did it and Ava was proud it wasn't her???

Just a guess. =)

Me said...

I'm with the majority and think Ruthie did the decorating. I was torn between Ella and Ava for cheering her on...I'll pick....Ella.

Michelle said...

I'm thinking it was Ruthie who did the writing but (just for the sake of dissenting) it was Emma that was proud...hmmmm.

My memory is about like "Dori's" on Finding Nemo.

Shea said...

I'm guessing Ella, but I really am not sure. I'm sorry about your porch. In the last year my kids have managed to ruin brand new carpet and A.J. has painted MANY things with nail polish. I have vowed to not buy anything new until they leave for college.

AmyAnne said...

I think it was Ava who did it and Patches was proud it wasn't her.