Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Bit About Each of Them

I haven't been blogging much lately but things are good. Of course, it is always changing. The house still seems quiet and any issues seem to resolve quickly. The stress level is so low it is surprising.

Cyr is pushing her limits when out of our sight and we have decided to keep her close to home for a while. She has struggled to be honest with this latest incident and that worries me. Mostly, it's teenager crap just coming at us a bit younger than most kids start into it. She is still a great kid and easy to be around.

We are seeing a slow change in Patches. Her hygiene is in question and she is having small shutdowns here and longer ones at school. She is still recovering very quickly when she decides to be done. No violence here but some destruction at school. I love seeing her smile at me every day and she will even call my name to show me her random smile.

Ruthie is desperately trying to cling to reality when she is upset. She completely dissociates when she is triggered and can be dangerous to herself and others. She has mistaken kindness from a boy in her grade as love. She sent him a love note and has been having other girls tell him she loves him. She is struggling with the same friend she made up horrible lies about last year. The girl doesn't want to talk to her and we are working on ways to help her handle it so she doesn't hurt her again. I am hoping to avoid involving the school but if she continues to get upset, I will have no choice for the other child's sake.

Michael is lying and sneaking to get out of homework. Nothing new there. He is calm lately and that is new. He gets mad but it's not exploding mad. He still claims I hate him if I correct him, he is sure we are all plotting against him, and he is sure he is the only one that is required to help out around the house. He is such a snuggle bunny when he is not agitated and it almost makes me forget what he is capable of.

Emma is doing well. She loves her new bed. She is very concerned about her teacher leaving on maternity leave soon. She is getting her ears pierced today or I should say we are going to try again to get them pierced. She gets pumped all the way there and freaks out. We are all going for support this time.

Ava spent the night out recently and did very well. Of course, now it should happen every weekend. She is one of my kids that has a ton of somatic symptoms and I was slow to move when she claims her tumnmy was hurting. Turned out she had a bladder infection that moved to her kidney. Whoops! She is finally feeling better but telling me every detail when she goes to the restroom. She cracks me up.

Ella is still whispering when she wants something but working on using her voice to stop being a victim. She loves her new chore and keeps asking when she will have more clothes to help with.

Kiera is starting to let me leave the room without yelling. I can even leave her for therapy to play with the kids and she does really well. This is happening during the day but nights are getting worse. Screaming, hitting, and refusing to sleep is what she's up to. She is sleeping less during the daytime and has the run of the house so I'm confused and hoping it passes quickly. She is cute as a bug and chattering away constantly. She cracks me up.

My DH is expecting many litters of scaly babies. I'm not sure how long it will be but my fingers are crossed they are all born alive and well. We are using the funds from it to buy a house near my sister. I am so excited about seeing her regularly and having support close by.


Abby said...

For what it's worth, my 13 year old students have been making "jokes" about drinking, lying every chance they get, and jumping from boy to boy to boy practically every day. It's such a fun age! lol

Kate said...

I am so glad to hear the kids are doing well.

I saw a girl in Manhattan yesterday that looked exactly like Cyr and I was so confused for a minute there! LOL

Tudu said...

Abby, I wish it was that simple. It is my favorite age her history just amps it up a bit. She just pushes things too far with boys that will go to jail for it. If it weren't for the jail consequence they might have gone along with her suggestions. Very sad but at least we know now and can keep her a bit closer.