Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruthie is a fool. I want to use stronger words but won't b/c she is a child. Guess what she shared with her entire class this morning? She wasn't asked, she shared, "My head itches b/c I have lice. My Mommy didn't use any shampoo on me." I was approached by the school "nurse" in the copier room at the school while surrounded by several teachers. I could feel my face turn red. I wanted to crawl away. I told her that she got it from her Gparents and nothing was in her hair. She agreed and said she had looked. Of course she waited until we were alone to comment on how she knew I would never send my child untreated to school.

Another weird thing happened. Patches teacher approached me in the same room and was her normal bubbly self. I have no idea what I said but she broke down and confessed her husband had left her last night. After sharing very private details she wiped away her tears and begged for forgiveness. She claims she never shares her personal life with people at work or anywhere. She is a very private person and has a hard time trusting others. Then she tells me, "I wish I had a mother like you when I needed one." This woman doesn't have any family after spending her childhood in foster care and then aging out of the system. I assume that is what she meant by the comment.


Lorraine said...

Ruthie's comment would tick me off too, also I would be highly annoyed at the nurse for mentioning it in front of others. As for Patches teacher, I say take it as a compliment. She must have a lot of respect for you to trust you like that.

Kelly said...

Bless that ladies heart. I am glad you were in the "right place and the right time" for her. It must be evident to others around you that you are a good friend and someone that will listen and that they can trust. We need more people like you in this world.