Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Love of My DH's Life

Yes, that is what he says. I'm OK with it but I will not share a bed with both of them. He used to climb on the bed after I was asleep and slowly wiggle his way up between us and lay his head on my pillow.

He has grown quite a bit and is probably about 160 pounds. The baby has already taken a ride on him and Gia is "walking" him around the house on a leash. I sure hope he doesn't decide to run b/c she will fly like a kite.

He has to go to the vet in the AM b/c he has a couple of raw spots. The people that had him lost their house and haven't had money to buy decent food or take him to the vet in quite awhile. I'm glad he is home.


Ashley said...

What a cute boy!! Welcome home, puppy dog :)

Tudu's a great Mama, no matter what species you are

Innocent Observer said...

I'm glad you've got him back.

I'm also glad to see that the "if the socks fit, the socks MATCH" rule applies at your house.

When were you in CT?

Which child is that?

Tricia said...

OMG I LOVE HIM!!! He is a beaut!!!! Oh I made the mistake of hving my dog sleep with us when he was a puppy, now he is big and usually knocks one of us out of bed haha but i love my dogs

Tudu said...

Kerry, my DH worked in CT for almost a year and Emma and I traveled back and forth every month. We finally rented a really cool apartment there and packed up our things only to have the plan disrupted by the guy my DH subcontracted from. He changed the way he was to get paid and we panicked that we couldn't survive up there. We immediately decided to stay and adopt a sibling group.

It is Gia in the picture with Dado.

Gigi said...

Aww what a sweet boy!

Nichole said...

what a handsome guy!! that is so cool that he got to be reunited with you guys :)