Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting a Life

Cyr's social life has taken off. She is gone again tonight but brought her first friend home on the bus. The girl's mother wasn't going to be home so they came here and Rosa took them home after dinner. I am so proud of her decisions lately. I haven't seen any serious manipulation and she even slept in my bed last night. My DH is still gone and I let the kids rotate sleeping on his side. Cyr will start out in there but leaves. She made it all night and it must have surprised her b/c it was the first thing out of her mouth this morning.

When Ava was there Tuesday night, she freaked me out. She kept mumbling in her sleep. She said weird things like, "Loser!"and "Meanie Head!" with great force. She also grunted and growled quite a bit. I have decided to be a bit more careful when giving her consequences in the future.

Michael has decided that he will give Rosa all the attitude he can muster any time I am not here. He actually tried to put dirty dishes away. I guess this is a step above adding carpet cleaner to the dishwasher while I was in the hospital with Kiera. I still can't figure out if it was intentional. I am leaning toward the idea he was trying to get her but probably not kill her. I am so glad her little ones have issues, I am sure it helps her tolerate my little crazies. I mean who else would stay here when a tiny boy hugs you one minute so he can shove his nose in your breast and try to poison you the next? She rocks!

I am glad she is beginning to have a life. She has gone out tonight and the 13 kids left here are sound asleep. She is going through some tough stuff with her kids many therapists. Poor girl had no idea they would turn on her and dig into her past to better understand her and her parenting. She is much stronger than she gives herself credit for. One of the things I love so much about her is her willingness to look at her weaknesses and do something about them.

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