Wednesday, March 04, 2009

He's Leaving but Not on a Jet Plane

My DH leaves for 2 glorious weeks in CA. I am the one that will be enjoying the entire bed and silence while he works his butt off trying to fix a horrible mess of a house one of his contractors has. He is not looking forward to the long drive out there or back but is thrilled they bought him a used trailer to haul his tools in. They are horrible about asking him to go above and beyond his job but wonderful about giving him all the tools it takes to get the job done plus pay him handsomely.

I still haven't gotten a new cell phone. I have a hard time spending the money on one when I can think of a million things the kids want. My DH keeps pushing me to buy a good phone claiming I take such good care of mine that it is worth it. I threw his opinion aside and began looking at used ones on Craigslist. I text too much to have one that doesn't have the keyboard and that limited my options. Then I found out that they can unlock other carrier's phones and be used on our carrier. That rocks, people! I have found a PDA phone/smartphone that will change my life. (A bit dramatic, perhaps.) I won't be able to send and receive picture messages but I can send them via email. It is a camera phone and also a video camera. I pick it up today. It is used and costs less than a new phone. I have been dreaming about this darn thing since the weekend.

I know people are having a hard time getting on the other blog but so many are not and I have no idea what to do to help. I will get everyone invited, again by morning. If you asked to be invited for the first time, you will be included.

Dado slept on the floor next to the bed all night. He is so big that his head easily sits on the edge. He never said a word but you could tell he felt left out and wanted to climb on. I just can't do a baby and a dog. Yes, the little booger still spends most of her nights in my bed.

The AT saw the baby over the weekend at therapy for the big girls. She had to go with us and eventually had to join us in the room. She pointed out so many issues that poor Kiera has with control and attachment. It made me cry. She has very serious concerns about her. She said it is not normal for a child so young to have such intense emotions. She thinks we are in for a rough ride with her. Great! Just what we wanted another emotionally challenged child, right? At least she is cute.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about Kiera.

One note about the other blog...I've noticed that the whole page doesn't come up at first log in, however, if I hit refresh it will load no problem.

Abby said...

Halellujah! I'm in finally!!!Apparently IE decided that blogger's cookies were going to be restricted now, so I added it to my allow list and now it works. Maybe that's the same problem other people are having? Thanks for all the patience and such. =)