Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The P Doctor

We went to the psychiatrist this morning which is an all day event fr us. We have to drive into the city (Atlanta) and that can take anywhere from an hour to 3, seriously. I love this doctor and feel she has a real grasp on the kids issues. She upped the meds for Patches and Ava to help them control some of their loose emotions. Patches has been becoming withdrawn again and we find her watching TV in the playroom for hours and she refuses to participate in any activity. The good thing is she is not throwing her lovely tantrums anymore so just a tweak in her meds out to help her a great deal. Ava had been crying for hours each day prior to her meds and in between the change of her meds. I am not exaggerating when I say she would sob uncontrollably for 3-8 hours a day for no reason or a very small one. If I asked her to brush her hair one more time b/c she missed a spot, it would take her an hour or more to recover. Obviously, she has a pretty severe depressive disorder. A little tweak in her meds should bring her up to an occasional laugh.

We have lost another SW, she is getting married Friday and while we will miss her we wish her well.

I hate my dog.

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