Monday, October 29, 2007

Food and the New Living Arrangements

Still no news on the health of the baby. I am, however, exhausted and hungry. Nothing too wild but definitely out of the ordinary for me. Today I wanted fried eggs, hash browns, and cheese dip poured all over it. My husband was horrified. I am someone that does not eat leftovers, Thanksgiving dinner is really the only exception. No real reason for this just a bit of OCD when it comes to food. Everything has it's place and can not touch. I eat one item until it is gone and then move on to the next thing. Sandwiches are dry with no condiments, usually. One thing that always stands out when I am pregnant is I must smoosh things together and have lots of sauces. I have been eating the same few things over and over this week, a turkey sandwich about 6 inched THICK b/c it needs so much swiss cheese (3 or 4 slices), lettuce, lots of tomato, overflowing miracle whip, tortilla chips layered on it, and 2 whole dill pickles on it. I have had this sandwich 4 times in a week and I will be right back cause I have managed to make myself hungry thinking about it.

We met with the new AT and Sex Abuse therapist on Friday and it was brief but helpful. He insists on the offending child having her own room and restroom. OK, we have a huge house and it is possible for her to have it but I felt like the kids in her room were safe b/c they are older and real tattletales looking to get her in trouble. I also worried about her feeling like she is special, this is something we have been working on forever, she has been treated like an adult her entire life and when I tell the kids to do something I actually have to remind her she is included. It is important for her to be their equal and not above the others. At the same time, I do not want to risk the others to prove this.

We have decided to hurry up and finish the basement room we were hoping to do much later to make room for the next kids. It turns out she doesn't really want her own room now that she is getting it b/c she assumed I would give up the guest room with the cable TV in it. Uh, No. We will make this as comfortable for her as we can, we intend on putting a camera monitor in her room (this way she can call for me and I can hear her if I am asleep, she is only allowed to dress and undress in the bathroom so she never needs to worry about someone seeing her exposed), she can have the dog in her room with her, and door alarms on all doors and windows. I know she will be safe down there but she is a bit nervous. She has never been alone. All of my children sleep with the full lights on every night and she will be allowed to continue this.


Lorie said...

Oh my gosh that sandwich sounds disgusting....blah....and I LOVE mayonaise, LOVE IT....

Good luck with Cyr and her new arrangement, hopefully soon she will begin the process of healing :-)

Anonymous said...

Your are a saint....
GOD bless you and your husband/kids. I'm saying a prayer that the new baby will be fine..
It will all work out. Keep the faith!