Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Doctor and Early Treats

I had to take Emma to the pediatrician yesterday b/c all the kids got a cold last week but theri cough went away, her got nasty. SHe does not like the doctor since her last well check up and they pricked her finger and gave her multiple shots. Who can blame her, right? I had to force her to stay home from school and go. When the doctor asked her what was wrong, she again insisted, "Nothing". The doctor asked, "Are you sick?" and gave me a puzzled look. Emma said, "No, so I don't need my finger pricked, no shots, and no throat thing!". I about laughed out loud, poor kid. The doctor assured her she was not getting shots or finger pricks but she had to see her throat to be sure that didn't need to be done. After checking her out that was not needed but she is very congested and has Bronchitis. She told Em, "See you were sick." Em replied, "I know". SHe is a hoot. Now she has bugged me hundred times for her medicine, just in case I forget she only needs it once a day. She loves the flavor and told me she thinks the doctor would say she could have a little more b/c she was really sick. Whatever.

I am taking the kiddos trick or treating tonight at the mall with a Moms Group I joined to make some friends. I am a bit concerned we will not fit in at all b/c their kids are so much younger. It is supposed to be a forward thinking hip mama group, no kidding that is what it says. How forward thinking will they be when I bring along my crazy kidlets? I will definitely post about that with pictures tomorrow.

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