Friday, October 26, 2007


We have rules in place to make mornings go smoothly. Things like put your clothes out at night and be sure they fit, find your shoes before bed, get your paperwork signed when you first get home and put them back in your bag, hang up your bookbag on the rack, and many other normal things help us have fun mornings. Not today. Today Patches couldn't find her shoes so she went out in the rain without them to walk the dog. The dog came back in and decided to refuse to go to his kennel and slopped his muddy feet all over her clean pants and naked feet. By the time she made it back upstairs her bus was here and she hadn't brushed her teeth or hair, had no shoes, and her pants were filthy. Instead of running upstairs to fix this she stood still and refused to cooperate even though her personal bus driver was waiting. After several very long minutes I had to let the driver go and she is home for the day. She will be cleaning ALL day. She has missed 7 days of school and it is only October. I love 4th graders so if she chooses to stay in that grade it is fine with me.


catherine said...

I love the "if you don't go to school you will continue your education as a janitor" tactic and I will definitely be using it with my sons down the road. Right now the oldest LOVES to clean (oh those silly toddlers) but I'm sure that will change just in time for 1st grade.

In fact he woke up very whiny this morning so he is home today, but I'm sure he's a little young for the plan just I think he is actually a tad under the weather as he claims, so I'll give him a pass today :)

Although I am glad he is home (it is drizzling outside, thank God for the rain, and he is supposed to go on a hay ride at preschool) sure puts a wrench in my plans for the morning. Oh well.

Innocent Observer said...

"I love 4th graders so if she chooses to stay in that grade it is fine with me."

Looks like she feels the same way! I think I would have driven if it were me!