Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scary Pictures

I haven't posted our Halloween pictures, I keep forgetting. The kids are going to be a witch, dead bride, devil girl in an evening gown, a scary skeleton dude, Cinderella, and the twins will be a dog and a cat. You can see how horrible our flower bed looks but it is perfect for the holiday. The picture with the severed leg also has a giant rat eating it but it is hard to tell. There are also skeletons hanging in the bushes that are hard to see. Can you tell I enjoy this?

The kids came home and did their own chores and then some for a promise to watch the movie Transformers tonight. My poor DH is working extra hard and couldn't make it back in time to watch it with us so I gave the kids the option of doing it tonight without Dad or waiting for him and doing it tomorrow. Most agreed to wait without any prompting from me. I am thrilled to see them thinking of someone besides themselves. Progress, people, progress.

My son just informed me I need a stapler b/c everyone does. He admitted he just wants to use one to staple all the papers he can find. I knew he had reason.


Catherine said...

Wow - that looks awesome! I'm feeling good to have a few of my MIL's donated decorations around the house.

When the guy came to do our bi-annual HVAC checkup the other day, I pointed to the huge spiderwebs (complete with huge spiders in the middle) above my front door and said, "Hey, how do you like my Halloween decorations?"

Lorie said...

First of all the severed foot is beautiful....what fun! We will work up from freaky ghost, who I a severed foot...oh dreams :-)

As for's were the kiddo's behaviors....(as they transition to their purest little angel selves) will work to your advantage. You need to strategize...of course you need a stapler...and you need dare I say it...bugs (muuaaahhh haaa haa) then show up with budding angels in tow...all instructed on just the perfect way to annoy and scare dear beloved Gparents out of their minds...bad behavior has never had it so good. Merry Christmas in-laws (of course the mis behaving will take place at their house the Sunday before...on Christmas at your house..they will be perfect(

Oh and gain one can gain weight as fast as I can...whew....feat of magic that!

Tudu said...

My kids love the leg and rat eating it. They are gross kids to say the least. I like the pile of bones and cemetery, myself.

Inside we, too, have the real cobwebs and spiders year round. Our living room has a 2 story ceiling and I can't get the suckers down. LOL

Lorie, my kids are prefect when we go anywhere but especially MIL house. I have tried to get them to act up so we can go but they save it for home or the ride back there. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed with a sweet MIL, and I wouldn't mind if she showed up on my doorstep with no notice...but then again, I have a GREAT MIL!

Your's sounds like a, ahem.