Thursday, October 18, 2007

It Didn't Happen

The finalization was postponed until November 15. I am very relieved to have more time to work out the details of her therapy. Of course, we got the call 5 minutes AFTER we told the kids it was happening in the morning. LOL

My dh did in fact lose his job. WOW is about all I can say. He has had 2 other offers and just needs to figure out which one he wants and when he will start. I am confident things will be fine, a little slow but fine. He is in very high demand and any of his past contractors would be thrilled to have him back.

We are extremely stressed right now and about all I can manage is the bare minimum.


musemoon said...

MUCH LOVE!!!!! Yuck stress :-(

skirbo said...

I'm so sorry to read you are having stress piled upon stress. Stay strong, you have tons of support!!


Innocent Observer said...

I'm so sorry!

You know, for someone like you, the bare minimum is baseline for normal people. SO the bare minimum is plenty. Breathe deep!

Try to do something for you...a bath maybe? Chocolate?