Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little Rant

I was hoping to be more positive than the last few weeks but I need to vent a bit first. I will begin with I am very experienced in dealing with lice b/c when my children came to live with us they brought their little friends on their heads. Every time I thought it was cleared up they had another family visit and they were everywhere within days. I learned to spray everything and even trimmed my nails at an angle to better pick the critters out of their hair. It was to say the least, a nightmare. It lasted for months and I didn't think it would ever go away. Fast forward to now, we haven't had them in forever but continue to use puppy flea shampoo in their hair daily to prevent it (a great trick the pediatrician told us, it uses a natural chemical and won't harm them with daily uses).

Ella had started scratching over the weekend and she had them. I had a total meltdown and checked every head, no one else but her had it so I figured she got it from school and she can't be trusted to wash her hair properly. I watched her wash it and was right. I picked all through her hair and washed everything in sight. She was clean for school Monday. Monday afternoon her school calls and said she had lice and several others in her class did as well, come get her. I refused b/c it was 30 minutes before school ended and it must have really ticked them off b/c they sent the the lice home with her in a bag! Yes, you read it right. They sent the lice home in a ziploc bag with a note saying, "These were found in Ella's hair. Go through her hair and we will recheck it in the morning." I am livid. I can't believe they sent them home. I kept her out yesterday and went all through her hair and I know she is clean again and she better not come home with any either. I am not answering the phone if they call me to come get her. Am I over reacting? What would you do? I know their county's policy is not to send the child home b/c they would lose too many kids to this. Lice happens, that I understand, it's just sending it home is over the line.

Update - I called the county and verified that they do not have to send the kids home but in extreme cases some schools choose to. I also asked her if it was common to send home the lice in a bag and she was horrified. She has never heard of that and agreed she would be upset about it. I did not pursue it further for fear it would put a wedge between her teacher and I so early on. I will just assume it is b/c she is so young and stupid.


Innocent Observer said...

That is bizarre! I would send any lice you find back in another baggie with a note attached, "Found these little buggers too!" Geesh.

The ONLY thing that worked for us was using Cepaphil soap. You massage it in, then blow dry the hair on the hottest setting the child can stand. Let it stay over night (it's supposed to be 24 hours but we never did it that long) then comb it out. I would use a little tea tree oil in water when combing. We had tried everything else and this was the key for us.

Good luck. Lice suck. Down with lice!

Tudu said...

OMG! I was laughing so hard when you suggested sending them back!

Yondalla said...

The official policy here is to send the kids home, but they don't enforce it.

There was a neighbor girl used walk to school with us. She would show up with her hair in tangles and I combed it out for her -- and we all got lice. It took a while to get rid of it.

Brian was just three so we shaved his head. His dad showed him one of the lice and how it looked like a crab. Everywhere he went for the next few weeks people would comment on his baldness. He would pat head and say, "I had cwabs, but dey cut de bugs out."

Lorie said...

And the mother of the year is.......drum roll.....TUDU!!!! I vote send the little buggers back in a bag. Tell them it's Ella's show and tell...this is what she picked up in school yesterday. never ends for ya?

CA Momma said...

They sent the BUGS to you? I would have sent them back to the school with a thank you note with some lice taped to the inside and say- I found these on her head at home, thought you'd like to know.