Sunday, October 21, 2007

OOOPPS, He Did It Again!

He woke up with a dry one!!!!!! He is over the moon with excitement. He keeps telling me, "See Mom, I feel safe here!" A while back he asked why he still wet his bed every night and my response was that some kids do it because they don't feel safe and some because their bodies refuse to wake up until they have already wet. He told me must not feel safe because he wakes up. I am so proud he is feeling so good about himself and I have a beautiful smelling boy.

We had big excitement last night when my DH and ALL the kids were pulled over. I keep the insurance card in my agenda and he couldn't prove he had it. The officer was about to tow the van and realized the kids would be stranded. He was so nice he offered to follow him home to get it. The kids were a mess and really hard to calm down, DUH. Every time we have contact with an officer they worry we are going to jail. It is nice to be able to prove we are good parents and are not going to be arrested. It is not fun to be pulled over 4 times (between us) in the last 3 months for no reason.

We have discovered that Cyr is getting a lot of good out of this separation thing we are doing to keep the kids safe. When I need to use the restroom or have a few minutes to myself she has to come with me to my room. She gets to watch TV while I do whatever. Yesterday, Emma wanted to come with me and was upset when Cyr informed her she had to go and only she got to be in there. It dawned on me she is feeling special and still holding something over their heads. Now she will only be allowed in her room with the alarm on while I am disposed.

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