Thursday, August 02, 2007

This and That

Things are getting a bit better. I sat the kids down and told them I knew they were anxious about the adoption being postponed, new school, and the move. They talked about their feeling a little and have eased up with the obnoxious behavior.

We are still waiting to hear when our Assistance is to start. My agency is worked up about this and the fact I still have not received the paperwork to sign so how could they even write a check. They are going over the CW head and talking with the Office of Adoptions directly. My fingers are crossed we don't upset anyone and they get on the ball.

The Attachment Therapist had me sing to the kids this week. After we were done she laughed and said she wouldn't torture us with that again. I guess I am just that bad.

My kids are bugging about High School Musical 2. It is Zac this and Zac that. Thank goodness the funk is lifting b/c this is enough to push someone over the edge. LOL

School starts on August 13th. I can't wait, we are all counting the days.

I think my friend, E, is going to parent her baby boy. She seems to be starting to have doubts and while I had hoped this would happen all along, I am sad. I am currently babysitting her child 5 full days and nights a week and am her only babysitter. I am not sure I will be available to babysit both of her children long term, it is not helping her learn to be a better parent it is just making me the parent. I am more than willing to help her until she can no longer work and then while she is in the hospital but I can not do this after that. I hope she understands. There is no reason she can't parent this child, lots of kids have just one parent or grow up w/o alot of extras. DH is feeling relief, he was worried about how much fun we wouldn't be having at Disney World. He said he would grieve after that, LOL.

That reminds me, still no takers for Disney World? Are you scared? We don't bite, well, not others at least.


Innocent Observer said...

There is a slight chance that we will skip the Christmas Chaos that we usually perform and head to Orlando in December instead. Think about it, Christmas decorations, hot cocoa with Mickey...

Tudu said...

I used to work for an institution that took the kids to Disney every Christmas. Be very careful there during that time, these kids are sexual offenders. That is also one of the busiest times of the year. Thanksgiving is pretty busy, too though. I hope you have a great time.

Innocent Observer said...

Thanks for the warning. We plan to be gone by Christmas because I can't stand crowds. We figure if we go the second and possibly third week of December, then head over to spend Christmas with family that will work. Supposedly the first three weeks of December are the least busy times at Disney.