Sunday, August 19, 2007


At the last possible hour my oldest and DH decided the didn't have anything to wear tomorrow and I am expected to stay up and be sure the load of laundry is dry. Yes, it can't just be put in the dryer, I must be sure it gets dry. My dryer has been freaky since we moved here and only works when it feels like it. It can go through thte entire cycle is done or cut off randomly through the cycle.

I am not happy about htis byt I am thrilled about why I haven't done any laundry all weekend.
We have had a great weekend. DH took us to breakfast at Waffle House. Yeah!! He then had to go to work for a bit so we took my son to get his hair cut. The lady cut it WAY too short, the good thing is it will grow back and he hasn't a clue. We were able to meet DH later at the pool for a much loved swim.

The best part of the weekend was no one got in real trouble. We had so much fun and everybody behaved. Everyone took their meds w/o complaint, did their chores, worked out fights w/o tattles, and smiled. I am so happy my kids are becoming happy, fun people to be around. Isn't that what a parent is to do? Make their kids likeable and happy. I must be doing something right.

Speaking of family, my DH's Paternal Gpa died a while ago, maybe 2 months or so. Anyway, we got a call today that his aunts and uncles that have had nothing to do with DH basically his entire life want him to have the small inheritance that his Dad would have received had he not drank himself to death. Keep in mind it really isn't much but to them it would be a lot. We have decided to spend the money on a special quick trip with the kids to see the ocean. I made the suggestion to DH b/c he never had those growing up and he always dreamed his Dad would come and do family type things with him. Every time we think about the first time most of our kids saw the ocean was with money from his Father's family. In a round about way, he will have a fun memory of his long lost family.

So now I am trying to figure out where we should go. I love St. Augustine Beach and he is thinking Panama City Beach. His is cheaper and mine has less drunk teens even though it will be after peak season. We are thinking of taking a long weekend in the middle of September.

(My dryer just shut off again for no reason. AGGHH!)

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Mongoose said...

See, I never succeeded in doing that with Him. I can remember one outing in two years where he wasn't miserable the whole time and didn't end up having a temper tantrum after. That's when we went to a friend's wedding out of town. Although, he did get cranky on the way back because I sang along to a Metallica song.

So anyway, hats off to you, you miracle worker you! :)