Monday, July 30, 2007

I am officially in a funk. I am stressed to the max and there seems no end in sight. I have found myself yelling and I actually slammed a door today. My DH is driving me up a wall and the kids are here constantly until school starts in 2 weeks. I need to figure out a way to keep control of my emotions. It doesn't help that it has rained for a better part of a week so we can't go outside or swim.

P, D, and A were told not to play with the lotion this AM several times and DH caught them rubbing each others legs up by their privates and they jumped and hid when he just walked by. Gee, you think they were doing something wrong? The three were told to go to the fireplace and sit. They put their heads down and refused to look up so I told them to go up to their rooms to get a better attitude and clean them while they were there. P sat in her room and let D do the work, this is typical. I hollared up for them to come down and help take a few light things to the new baby's room and P acted like she was in slow motion. It is so annoying when she does it so I tried to motivate her into moving faster but instead she repeatedly threw herself on the steps pretending I pushed her. She does this every time she is upset, anyone near her has shoved her or hurt her in some way. She got out of helping but what she did not expect was losing her swimming privileges for the rest of the week for acting like that. She is currently in her room kicking the floor and screaming she hates me. She has put stickers all over the back of her door and thrown all her clothes around the room. I expect this to last the rest of the day, I hope she chooses to eat but she usually will not just to "get" me.


Lorie said...

Wanna go out with me for a glass of wine?

I'm stuck at home by myself trying to pound out a script, my head is about to explode. Still I think you may want to be me right now. We can swap, but I'm not sure If I'll be able to keep track of all the it okay if I um...misplace a few of them? Say the ones that are being poopie.

Torina said...

I am constantly amazed and impressed with kids who will hurt or punish themselves to control us. Love the slow-mo. It drives me nuts too. Torina