Sunday, August 05, 2007

What a difference a week can make. I am feeling much better, they are acting much better. This time last week I was a mess, frustrated beyond belief and desperately needing a break. I didn't get a break but we have hit the pool 3 times this week and they are too tired to realize they are behaving. LOL

We have one week until school starts and I am counting the days. They went to bed early tonight and will the rest of the week. I need to shop for supplies and new shoes but it will have to wait until later this week. We still have to see the eye doctor, one more physical, and pick up the dentist forms before Thursday. I have to do Orientation at 3 elementary schools within 2 hours and then go to an IEP meeting the same day. That is going to be a challenge to say the least.

I have had a few days to let the baby news sink in and I am feeling better and better about it. She is going back and forth but I am sure she is just scared that I am not going to help her out until she has the baby. I have no problem helping her until she has the baby and some afterward, I will not be able to parent her children full time, though. I am not sure what she is going to do.


musemoon said...

While I was super excited for a little newborn to enter your life, I know that whatever is meant to be will be and the right answer will come for your friend and your family. I am glad you have always supported her parenting her child. And you know that your children will come to you.

What I am more excited about, however, is you standing up for yourself, your time and your energy, by setting some clear boundaries. :-)

I know it is hard to do with a friend, but I am proud that you did.


Tudu said...

Thanks, I feel a little weird not offering to do more but I just can't. This is an area I struggle with, I can not save the world or bring every one home with me. DH is very proud of me but he says time will tell and he will support me if I decide to babysit them both. LOL