Saturday, August 18, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Wait a Minute Who are You?

I took the kids to McDonald's this morning to play and have breakfast. They were so good and eating like champs so we headed to the indoor playground for a bit. We were stopped by a couple and their little girl to ask if what kind of program I ran. This happens ALOT. Emma recognized the little girl and ran to hug her. She was from her class at school. That sparked a whole new conversation as they followed us to the playground. They wanted to borrow Emma and when I offered to invite their dd over to spend the night sometime they were thrilled. They got to see how I parent first hand and kept telling me how impressed they were. They have not allowed their dd to spend the night out yet but were now very excited at the prospect of letting me take her sometime. They laughed and said they were really excited about Emma spending the night at their house b/c they could sleep past 6AM if their dd had a playmate to entertain her. They made sure to get my number and since they were almost salivating, I know they will call soon.

As we were sitting there other unattended children kept coming up to the table and sitting with us. That happens alot, too. I have no idea why but almost every time we are out other people's children flock to us. We have had them sit down and eat with us and realize we had someone else's kid. Some people really do not supervise their kids well in public. If I had one leave the bunch, I would know right away and I have 7. How is it possible they lose their kid when they only have 1 or 2? I could walk out of any fast food restaurant with additional kids and I swear their parents would not know until after I left the parking lot. It makes me so mad and yes, I have had 2 little boys get in our van and buckle up.


Innocent Observer said...

That's funny. Yeah, kids flock to other kids.

One time we were shopping with all the kids, and my husband was pushing the youngest in a stroller. I started chatting with another mother and when the conversation ended I walked away, taking her stroller (complete with baby!) with me. Oooops. I was so embarrassed.

What kind of program do you run? How to loose your mind without leaving home, perhaps?

ania said...

Love this title :)