Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Push, Push, Push

P's teacher called this morning and I missed the call. She left me a message that she would call this afternoon so I was nervous all day waiting. Turns out 2 girls from another Special Ed class that walk with her to Music pushed her repeatedly. She did a great job controlling herself and told the teacher. She was happy to know the girls got a U in behavior for the day and a note to their parents. Then she goes on to tell me P told her that a kid named Mathew in her class likes her. The teacher is concerned about her giggles and that she has misunderstood this other boy. I agreed that was entirely possible given her history. When I talked to P this afternoon she claims this child told her, "I have a crush on you." Seems pretty normal for a 10 yr old boy, right? I warned her that at 9 she does not need to be holding hands or kissing but that it is normal to like being liked and to like boys. She blushed and denied liking him back. Yeah right, I was born yesterday. She talks about him every day.

D came home and said another child spit on her and hit her. I don't know if I believe her for sure b/c it came when P was getting attention for her incident. She said the teacher sent a note home to their parents.

I am noticing more and more that B avoids affection from me. She walked right up to my DH last night to hug and kiss him but ignored me completely. After she went upstairs to pick out her clothes for school she tried to argue with me about another child's clothes. I had to remind her I was the Mother and what I said was law for the millionth time. SHe is so disconnected to me that it makes me sad for her. I hope we are able to help her past this, she deserves to feel love. In the meantime, she is driving me crazy on purpose and hiding my frustration is difficult but very important.


Innocent Observer said...

One of my fosters does this to me too. I get a hug about once a month, the other times she hugs hubby but not me.

I've been meaning to ask how you handle clothes...a huge issue in our house. All the kids have their own and we have completely stopped the sharing (too many problems) but they still fight about who owns what. Do you have clearly separate clothing for each child? And by the way, aren't socks fun!?!? (NOT!)

Tudu said...

I hate socks! I have 3 baskets right now that need to be sorted. It will not happen today.

I let them share. I have 3 girls in size 5 so there is no choice there. The older 2 will sometimes fight about clothes but for the most part they don't. The rule is that you must ask to wear someone's clothes. The person that owns it can say no. The fight last night was over who owned a shirt, was it P b/c she had gotten it for her bday or was it to be passed down to D b/c it is a size M? B had no business in that argument b/c it had nothing to do with her. It is typical of her to boss the kids around.