Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Agency Saves the Day

I love my adoption agency! They have been so supportive and today they topped their best efforts. Still no news about the Adoption Assistance check so I called to tell my SW that our van was dead and I can't make any of the appointments until I get our money to fix the van. It was not a threat, I thought I needed to let them know I can't do OT, PT, Speech, or any of the other doctor appointments this week. Get this.....they GAVE us money to fix the van. I was shocked, I told them it wasn't necessary and they insisted. I was just trying to cover my rear and they really stepped up. This is not something little either, $1500. I am so thrilled to have my van towed tomorrow and hopefully be fixed quickly. Without them we truly couldn't have fixed the van.

I have the most annoying cricket screaming for a mate outside our front door. The darn thing can be heard across the house. Last night it woke Emma up and she had to crash on our floor, again.

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Innocent Observer said...

Oh wow, that's amazing. Especially encouraging with all the foster care negativity that's been going around lately.

We don't have an agency, we are strait state, and they won't even pay for the things they promise to!

My husband's former employer was incredibly generous. My daughter had a head injury during a lapse in insurance so they sent us a HUGE check to cover medical expenses, and when we later got them covered, they told us to just enjoy the check.